Counting a coalition of state law that the Sadrist movement abandoned the idea of ​​no-confidence. Indicating he would discuss the demands of the Sadr movement in order to implement at a meeting next Wednesday, the National Alliance ...
This Wednesday, or next Wednesday ?

The MP said the coalition of state law Ahmad Abbasi said in a statement yesterday that the differences between the components of the National Alliance is over and will announce the alliance the final solutions in Wednesday's meeting after having heard the views of the components that have entered into the project and abandoned the idea after he became convinced that it failed project and impossible to implement at the present time.

Abbasi said that the Sadrists walked the path of confidence and they do not have a genuine desire to do so where they made the project confidence and leverage to achieve their requirements and walk through the foster their proposals for this project from Rhien and envious of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

He explained that the declaration of their position they are looking Sadrain decline of confidence about the project for fear of their audience and their position in front of other political forces