Tuesday, June 19, 2012 12:50
Obama's nominee for the post of ambassador in Baghdad withdraw his nomination

Follow-up / Baghdadiya News / .. Said the diplomat, who was appointed by President Barack Obama's ambassador to the United States in Iraq to withdraw his candidacy after criticism from his Republican Congress, according to an official in the American presidency in Los Cabos (Mexico).
A spokesman for the Council of National Security Tommy Vietor said the White House regrets that Brett Mac Gork "has withdrawn his candidacy," and praised the "brilliant diplomat" who served in the administrations.
According to press reports confirmed by a source on Capitol Hill, the Britt Mac Gork, who worked in the administration of President George W. Bush sent letters to the electronic press in the Wall Street Journal in 2008 in Iraq, where he tried to seduce her and offered her a bit of humor sensitive information.
Include e-mails which he sent to the press and which reached the House of Representatives is the content of journalistic ethics, but later became the wife of diplomacy.
He is so far Gork Mac as Consultant to the United States Ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey, who was appointed by Obama in June 2010.
In a letter to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, reported by the media, said Brett Mac Gork that he withdraw his candidacy "a big heart," but for the "interest of the country."
He added that "Iraq is in dire need to the Ambassador of the country is witnessing a political crisis and our diplomatic representation will change quickly," he said, adding that there is "nothing could deter us from the urgent work that must happen in order to build a better future" in this country.
He explained that he made up his mind on his way to a military cemetery in Arlington, near the White House, accompanied by his wife.
He also said in this letter that more Zaigah what is "seeing his wife in this case."
"It's the most valuable thing in the world for me and that's that have been developed for our relationship was a fantasy rather than destructive."
It was scheduled to consider the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Senate nomination Tuesday. / Finished / agencies.