Thursday's meeting without parliamentary motion to question al-Maliki
On: Tuesday 06/19/2012 12:1

BAGHDAD - A citizen noted Musdrr parliamentary beginning that the agenda of Thursday's meeting of parliamentary devoid of any application or reference to the motion to question al-Maliki, and that the agenda is limited to vote on Mr. Kamran Messenger unable to membership of the accountability and justice, as well as vote on the law and the Ministry of Women and Family Affairs and the Law on seeds and seed and the law of the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council and the Act to amend the public companies in addition to a report on the Iraqis forcibly displaced from some European countries as source noted parliamentarian that the head of parliament Osama al due to hold a meeting of the presidium of the parliament with the heads of blocs and committees and in the presence of the presidency of a committee of experts selected candidates, the Electoral Commission and discuss the following topics: 1 - select members of the Electoral Commission 2 - the law of the election of provincial councils 3 - Federal Court Act 4 - Law of the Supreme Judicial Council 5 - laws carried out by the Committees for the second reading and vote 6 - completion of the committees of the laws contained read both according to its 7 - host of Ministers, which did not exceed the completion of their ministries for the development plans of 50% of the general budget for 2011