Source: House of Representatives hearing next Thursday will be at one o'clock pm
Monday, June 18, 2012 19:35

{Baghdad} Euphrates News source said in the House of Representatives that the session will be held on Thursday, one o'clock at noon to make way for a meeting of the Presidency as well as a meeting of the parliamentary committees.

The source told the News} {Euphrates that "there will be a meeting of the presidium of the House of Representatives committee charged with choosing the members of the Electoral Commission in order to select new members of the Commission and the display in future meetings of the vote."

"The other is the parliamentary committees will meet prior to the parliamentary session to discuss laws broken and laws that must be inserted quickly through the legislative term."

The House will resume its sessions on Thursday after the legislative recess, which began on the seventh day of May last.

A parliamentary source told the News} {Euphrates, "The House of Representatives will resume its first legislative term of the first year of the third legislature on Thursday to vote on six bills and one resolution in addition to the vote on one of the members of the accountability and justice."

The source added that "the meeting would include a vote on the appointment of Kamran Messenger is capable member of the accountability and justice instead of Hossam Abdel Latif Jassim Nariman that the Council of Ministers to withdraw his name."

He said as the House of Representatives will vote on a resolution of the Iraqi asylum seekers were forcibly deported from European countries and the law of the Fourth Amendment to the Companies Act No. 22 of 1997. "

He noted that the Council will vote on the law and the Ministry of Women and Family Affairs and the Law on seeds and oily on the stamp duty law and the law of the Federal Court and the law of the Supreme Judicial Council. "

He said Thursday's meeting will not see any questioning of the process or discuss the issue of withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

And ended the House of Representatives in the second legislative year of the seventh of March 87 after he passed a bill in addition to a large number of first and second readings of the projects. Ended