Iraq continues to halt fuel exports to Kurdistan Region, says Erbil
18/06/2012 13:37

ERBIL, June 18 (AKnews) - Baghdad has informed Erbil that it will not export fuel to Erbil again, said Erbil fuel distribution director, after the Iraqi government suspended fuel exports to the Kurdistan Region one month ago.

banzinxana, oil, patrol stationNuradin Hamid said: "Iraq has halted exporting fuel to Erbil since last month and there is no possibility for canceling the decision."
Iraq used to export one million liters of diesel, 300,000 liters of oil and 1.1 million liters of petrol to Erbil, but now only exports 250,000 liters of gasoline to the city, said Hamid.
Now the Kurdistan Region imports petrol from Iran and the region itself provides diesel and oil, added Hamid.
Now Iranian and the Kurdistan Region's gasoline is distributed on a daily basis to petrol stations in the region.