Mr. Sadr-Maliki not to demand the nomination for a third term in order to not become Saddam's half

In answer to a question about one of his deputy's comments compensatory for the rule of law, which was named Izzat Shabandar statements current no-confidence stems from a personal position and that the current al-Maliki wants to prevent from running for a third term ..
Mr. Sadr's response:
We do not want to nominate a third time for several reasons:
1. That Saddam's half the length of it .. I hope to preserve the prestige
2. That gives the opportunity to build Iraq, as well as he wanted
3. Should not be a door of democracy in the future shed
4. He sought to serve Iraq and that enough is enough and that he wanted the nomination, not after when the succession of
5. The call departure break up the unity of the Shiite alliance are also done against the Shiites? !!!