Chuan Taha: mLegal Comittee in charge of interrogating al-Maliki its mission to collect all documents and files that prove negligence

5:05 p.m.

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Chuan Mohamed Taha said the Legal Committee formed to question al-Maliki mission will be the collection of documents and files that prove his shortcomings in the government, corruption and violations of legal or encroach upon the independent bodies.

He said Chuan Taha, "the newspaper integrity of electronic" on Monday, said that the Commission and the function to collect all documents and files that contain corruption and breaches of legal or exceeded the independent bodies, indicating that the Committee's next meeting will be the most important because it will determine the relationship between the parties the opposition and the National Alliance.

Taha said, "will feature characters from the six Liberals and the Iraqi Kurds, and will take it upon themselves to research the legal and constitutional means to question the head of the government according to law without reference to the President of the Republic."

Saif al-Awadi