Iraqi National Alliance calls for a formal alternative «immediate» Maliki

Baghdad / My Day

Called the Iraqi List, Sunday, National Alliance »immediate alternative» Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that respects the Constitution and the principles of partnership «plotters and called his critics», usually Maliki «danger» to the political process in the country. The spokeswoman said Maysoon al-existing in a press statement that «it is clear that Maliki does not want to hear any criticism or opposition, or the exercise of peaceful democracy in the framework of the law stems from the merits of the Constitution».

She Damluji that Maliki «be called both criticized or criticize his behavior according to the constitution and all of the talk in a peaceful and democratic Palmtamr, Here is the so-called Iraqi leaders, along with hundreds of deputies they conspirators him as long as they are demanding the withdrawal of confidence». The Damluji, that «this it is evidence of anything, it shows that this man refused to reject the principles of partnership, and refused to reject the principles of reconciliation, and refused and refuses to work under the Constitution, which poses a huge threat to the political process already suffering from his uniqueness political decisions, security, service and economic and it is not possible joint work with the Maliki ». called Damluji National Alliance Initiative «and immediately to the selection of an alternative coalition, and respects the Constitution and respects the partnership and called his critics plotters, especially as they have paid great sacrifices in resisting the dictatorship repugnant in the previous regime, and build a democratic political process based on the higher national interests and the Iraqi constitution». was Maliki has been described in a television interview with TV channel fields of the signatories to withdraw confidence from it plotters.