Jawad Albzona: all the political groups involved with corruption
Date: Monday 18/6/2012 9:02

Baghdad (news) .. MP independent inside / National Alliance / Jawad Albzona, that all the political blocs involved with corruption, noting that the formation of the current government had been imposed on the prime minister.
said Albzona in a statement (of the Agency news): The political differences will continue unless it allows others to exercise their democratic cause to question the prime minister Nuri al-Maliki. He added, should be allowed to the political blocs to question al-Maliki and have succeeded had it and that failed must be respect for the opinion of the majority, because without it there will be major problems between the political parties. He independent deputy in the National Alliance to: that all the political groups involved with corruption and the failure of management, whether Busera˙hm or positions other because the government was formed on the basis of consensus did not allow the owners to choose his ministers and the formation of the government, but imposed upon him by the political blocs, loaded with all the political blocs failures in government. and declared forces seeking to withdraw confidence from Maliki that they would resort to questioning in the House of Representatives, as an alternative option for the withdrawal of confidence after the President declined to send a letter to the President to withdraw the confidence of the parliament. / Finished / 2. n. r /