Kurdish source: Washington resentful of the positions of al-Maliki and calls for change
Created on Monday, June 18/2012 7:44

Baghdad / Orr News

Revealed Kurdish source for the refusal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's visit to Washington after Washington gave him an invitation to her visits in the current period.

The source told (Orr), who declined to be named, that "Vice President Joseph Biden assured by the Kurdish that he sent an invitation to al-Maliki to visit Washington, but the latter declined the invitation," noting that "the end was invited to brief Washington on the real crisis taking place in Iraq and try to reach a road map agreed with Maliki on which to preserve the democratic gains of the political process. "

The source explained that "Biden expressed his displeasure clear from Maliki's refusal to visit the United States and told him that he will visit close to Iraq," stressing that "Washington arrived at the conviction of the need to change al-Maliki, especially after the aborted all attempts to resolve the crisis as well as his non-moderate toward the issue of Syria and Iran ".

The deputy of the Iraqi who attended the meeting of Irbil second said Massoud Barzani, contact Vice President Joseph Biden on informed decision by the Frente Arbil - Najaf-confidence, but it obligatory position dismissive of Biden, which promise Barzani bias of the owners at the expense of blocks of the task in the political process.