Military: Maliki will not meet the chest and the rule of law is ready to implement the Convention on Arbil
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BAGHDAD / Mohammed TayebDenied a member of a coalition of state law and the existence of Sami al-Askari a meeting soon between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.He said the military told (Orr) "There is a meeting between Maliki and Sadr in the coming period," explaining that "a coalition of state law is ready to dialogue with everyone to resolve outstanding differences between them.

The military said that a coalition of state law convinced of the need to speed up convening of the national meeting and an end to disputes and the application of what has been agreed in the Convention on Irbil. "

The confirmation of the absence of the meeting after that picked up some local media about a meeting held recently in Najaf between Sadr and Maliki to discuss the current political crisis.
Al-Maliki and Sadr have conducted two days before a telephone conversation dealt with the current political situation and the crisis of confidence and said close to the prime minister said the call was positive.The phone call after the position announced by President Jalal Talabani after the approval of the withdrawal of confidence from the government and confirmed that he would resign from his post he was forced to change his mind.In spite of the changing attitudes on the issue of withdrawal of confidence and the call to go to the meeting of the National Iraqi List, but the stresses ahead with a project to withdraw confidence from the government.And needs to withdraw confidence from the government constitutionally to all signatures of five members of the House of Representatives to question the prime minister and then put the option of withdrawal of confidence, which is supposed to be legal after receiving 165 votes out of 325 are members of the House of Representatives.