Iraq: to question al-Maliki in parliament will be within two axes
on 17/06/2012

3:03 p.m.

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

Revealed the Iraqi List, on Sunday, a meeting between the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance and the Liberal bloc to discuss and determine the questions to be addressed to Prime Minister Maliki in the House of Representatives after the rejection of the President's demand to withdraw confidence from the government.

The MP said the list Qusay Fri's newspaper "integrity of electronic" had been put questions to be addressed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a questioning session in parliament, adding that the questions will be in the form of two axes first axis, including for violations of constitutional and second axis about financial corruption made in the institutions State.

He explained that the trend between the first gathered in Erbil, Najaf was about to withdraw confidence from Maliki, but the President does not have enough conviction on the subject.

He was President Jalal Talabani, Saturday, to resign if forced to change his convictions, and when he said that his office requires impartiality and unity, he stressed that he would not stand against the "Shiite majority," which does not represent the Sadrist movement, only a quarter of their number in parliament.

Talabani said in a letter addressed to the President of the Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi and the President of parliament Osama Najafi, got "integrity of electronic" copy of it, "The President of the Republic must remain neutral and sponsor of the meeting of national reunification and unity, this is the role that Sevkdh stop it with one party against another party, so if you forced me Fannie conditions on the initial conviction of violating this Vsakdm resign from the presidency of the Republic. " .