Maliki defends Iran's nuclear program and calls for world attention to the threat of Israeli nuclear bomb

Posted 17/06/2012 12:26 AM

Beirut - "squares of liberation" of forbidden Bazzi
Seemed to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in line with Tehran and its nuclear project defended its right to possess the energy to carry on with Israel refusing to reveal its nuclear program, which reached an end nuclear bomb-making and sale of fuel: enriched uranium.
He called on Maliki to lift the sanctions on Iran to cooperate with it after it cut the proportion of uranium enrichment, saying in an interview with "fields" space "Iran accepted international monitoring and inspection flour and accepted the reduction of uranium enrichment," calling the world to "cooperate with them and the lifting of sanctions imposed on it" .

Asked al-Maliki, "Where Israel on this issue? Is Israel now then this transparency in monitoring their factories nuclear Will accept that the Nuclear Energy Agency to see something of this nuclear technology immense that made the nuclear bomb, and whether Israel accepts the cut-enriched 5% or remain on the 100% fertilized and produce and export Alaoranim enriched. "
Asked al-Maliki "Why do not the world is heading to Israel, especially as there is talk of mobility to restrict the situation Israel on the subject of nuclear weapons," pointing out that "if Iran asked or have asked us or all the Arab countries in the region need to restrict the Israeli nuclear arms is a requirement just right for the world to respond to him. "

The observers say that Maliki is a man of Washington and Tehran at the same time the two have expanded strongly to assert his authority, particularly his opponents said the Iraqi prime minister said his country "was a neutral party in the meeting of 5 +1 and facilitated a meeting between Iran and the United Nations and the transfer of messages when the need has also sought to collect Iranians and Americans in a closed room and one. "
It is known that the channel "fields" began last week, broadcasting from Beirut, amid claims it funded by Iran and defend the center of Tehran - Baghdad - Damascus, which was denied by the station run by the Tunisian Islamist Ghassan Ben Jeddo, who set up in Iran for nearly two decades before moving to Beirut correspondent for the channel "Al Jazeera" channel, which he resigned a year ago with the support of the Doha Syrian revolution.