Kurdish oppostion heading to federal court against the governments in Baghdad and Erbil

Independent Iraqi news agency/Baghdad/h. ...Announced three opposition blocks in the Kurdistan Parliament, Sunday, that it was filing a complaint against the Iraqi Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Federal Court, due to accumulation of amounts estimated 8 trillion dinars in Baghdad, confirmed its determination to discuss budget and show gaps.

He said a statement issued by the blocks change and Al-Ittihad al-Islami, JI, Iraq Kurdistan Parliament (independent Iraqi news agency), "Kurdistan regional government primary responsibility for delayed adoption of the fiscal budget for the year 2012 in Parliament for eight months, and the suspension of projects and not real estate loans and marriage, agriculture, industry, small loans."

"For all those accumulated funds to the territory to the Federal Government in Baghdad, which according to the financial report of the Government of the territory more than 8 trillion dinars, and the territorial Government was able to restore it, so we feel that we have the right to raise a lawsuit in Federal Court against the Iraqi Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, to determine responsibility and rights of the people in the territory".

The opposition rejected accusations by the cluster blocks Kurdish ruling parties represented in the territory, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the KDP, to cause delayed adoption by Parliament of this year's fiscal budget, the Parliament discusses and since the days of the draft budget.

"We are determined to discuss the budget and show gaps, to fix mistakes and tackle corruption and waste of public money," refused to use the cluster of words to accuse Kurdish opposition blocks such as misinformation and conspiracy and breaking the law