Sabah al-Saadi: Maliki has the political legitimacy and legal soon will lose its legitimacy
By administration 37 minutes ago

Chest / Times
The MP said Sabah al-Saadi: that Maliki has the political legitimacy and remained his legal legitimacy and is nothing but a matter of time is taken away from them.
Saadi added that: The process of withdrawal of confidence, regardless of their causes is one of the practices of democracy in the country and to those who voted for the Constitution, whether by the Council of Ministers or the ruling bloc or the ruling party to respect democratic practices.
Saadi called to stop the mentality of conspiracy and other charges of conspiracy, Democrats said the rulers must accept criticism and Atqublo measures displacement of democracy and democratic change and overthrow of democracy and all this must be Atqubloh that the judgment of the people.
Saadi explained that: the country where a lot of talent capable of running the country, not Maliki, who gave birth mother to be the Prime Minister of Iraq only.
Saadi asked the president: to abide by his position, announced at the meeting and the meeting of Irbil Five Dukan the last when he said, until the arrival of type signatures of Representatives will request the withdrawal of confidence by the Constitution and pledged to send a request to withdraw confidence from the Maliki,
He pointed out that the meeting confirmed that the signatures exceeded (170) and not (160) signatures.