Barzani stressed during his meeting with U.S. delegation on the need to resolve the current crisis in the framework of the constitution and agreements
Date: Thursday, 14/06/2012 23:04

Baghdad / WAP / search Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, with a delegation of senior U.S. developments in the political situation in the Iraqi arena, the region and the current political crisis in Iraq.

A statement posted on the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, "said Barzani discussed and the delegation headed by Tony Blinken adviser to Vice President of U.S. National Security Advisor, to the ongoing attempts to correct the constitutional political process and governance in Iraq."

He stressed Advisor, U.S. Vice President: "that his country considers itself a friend of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, stressing that it supports the democratic process and constitutional in Iraq and stand against terrorism, and with all the chosen people of Iraq in the framework of the constitution and agreements, pointing out that he understands very well concern the Kurdistan Region as well," .

He said Barzani to "all Chweqah to the current crisis in Iraq, a reference cause of the crisis not to abide by the constitution and agreements signed by the political parties, stressing that the situation remained like this is not accepted and must solve this crisis, a radical in the framework of the Constitution and the Conventions."