Deputy for the Liberal-Maliki stream live his last days in power
Date: Thursday, 14/06/2012 14:30

Basra / WAP / MP said the Liberal bloc Hussein Al Mansouri, "The interrogation of al-Maliki is an important issue and a key will be his last days in power."
He said in a statement to the news agency Baghdad International / WAP / that "the interrogation that seeks the most important blocs in parliament, it will be tough on al-Maliki because it will open with a hot and important files."
And Mansouri, "that the most prominent things that will be part of the interrogation is arbitrary arrests, which affected dozens of people in Basra in 2008, as well as the massacre Alzerkh that killed more than 300 children and a woman and a man, and I am still the region under the control of the army did not enter any one."
Mansouri called "royal to come out of the prime minister before the interrogation, because the issue of withdrawal of confidence from it and settled down for.