3 scenarios for the session to withdraw confidence from Maliki on the table for the presidency of the House of Representatives
09-06-2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment - Baghdad / political editor - Orr News
Iraqi sources revealed identical multiple scenarios for the vote to withdraw confidence from the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, has criticized MP Haider Mulla fluctuating positions of the Sadrist movement in a no-confidence in accordance with the agreements of the consultative meeting in Erbil and Najaf.
Sources indicate that the deputies of state law have told the political body of the National Alliance that they would not attend the voting session, and therefore can prejudice the quorum required to be held, if the right of their deputies the small blocs of Iraqi white and Iraqi free, and the Virtue Party which is blocks from the Congress no more than 15 deputies .
The second scenario, to ask the State of Law Coalition to host Maliki told parliament to announce the broad outlines of his policies during the two years remaining life of his second legislative, and leave the door open to the questions will be answers Maliki them, the obligations of an official during the National Conference or National Meeting, hoped to take place the beginning of July, as an alternative to withdraw confidence from Maliki's approval of a majority vote in the House of Representatives for the renewal of confidence in Maliki.
The third scenario, he let things go to their ends in the subject of withdrawal of confidence and identify a special session for that, suggested these sources it may be in the second week after the conclusion of leave parliament, and to address the Supreme Judicial Council nominated a number of judges to oversee the radio boxes of secret balloting (electronic voting to protect identity) to answer to a question specific regard to the approval of the refusal to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, which works by the Office of House Speaker Osama Najafi from now, according to these sources, but however by saying that this scenario may be doomed to failure, and has serious consequences on the Iraqi List, before other, after signs agreements and realistic on the ground between the Sadrists and Maliki because of Iranian pressure directly, the most prominent fatwa of Ayatollah Kazem Haeri, which denied the deal with the secularists.
This confirms what he referred to MP Abbas al-Bayati, a coalition of law that the political forces and the other a "friend of Iraq," helped convince political parties to reform instead of no-confidence, noting that "these efforts paid off and led to be convinced of the parties that reform is more beneficial to Iraq and the stage of political Go options may be risky. "
In turn, expect the head of the Liberal parliamentary MP Bahaa al-Araji, that is full of the next few days variables significant in the political process, and said in a press statement yesterday that the mass of working out by contributing to the solution of the crisis and will satisfy all parties to solve the problem subject of withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki .
Araji said that "there is international pressure and interventions on a withdrawal of confidence from the government, and efforts to bring the views, as well as having the idea because there would be reforms," ​​but he also certainly on the existence of "a crisis of confidence in such a matter."
Saying that "in case of guarantees and limits of time for such reforms, it is possible that there is an agreement, otherwise there will not be any change in attitudes."
There were conflicting reports about the meeting between the delegations of the Sadrist movement and a coalition of state law in Iran at a time in which he emphasized, according to some media reports, spokesman for Sadr, Salah al-Obeidi that "a delegation of Sadr held talks with the Iranian side in Tehran over the political crisis in Iraq and the issue of withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, denied the MP for the Liberal bloc Prince Kanani that any meeting is not between the Sadrists and the coalition of law in Iran. "