URGENT "special readings" .. Adeeb ASKS Maliki TO resign and nominate a substitute from the Dawa Party to be the replacement prime minister ..
12/06/2012 4:36
Detect high-ranking source from within the National Alliance said that a request demanding the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki select another candidate from the Dawa Party as prime minister replacement at the Dawa party meeting, attended by Maliki the day before yesterday at the party's headquarters near Muthanna airport ..
The source said Ali al-Adeeb, a leading figure in the Dawa Party demanded that Maliki resign and select a candidate from his party's to assume the post of prime minister as the only recipe for a solution. That would allow for an affirmative response to Erbil 5of Arbil, Najaf, in the words of the source is not that it bothered Amalikikthira "and make it enters Bamshadh of words with his deputy in the party to end Ali al-Adeeb Atherhaalajtmaa to postpone to another day ..
It is noteworthy that there are significant differences Maichea and in-depth between Maliki and the writer and Taatl_khashol he deserves to see the latest and most efficient of the al-Maliki at the head of the party which Ainfehhzb call at all in more than one occasion ..