Bank: Central Bank to impose new restrictions to reduce the leakage of currency outside
On: Tuesday 06/12/2012 14:14

Baghdad (news) .. The adviser North Bank for Finance and Investment wholesome Elias Abou, the central bank issued new instructions for the banks limit the smuggling of currency out of Iraq.
He said Abbou (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: The Central Bank issued new instructions for the banks include restricting transfer hard currency out of Iraq and the imposition of import license, excluding, transfers are made for the purpose of treatment where the right of the citizen to convert (10) thousand dollars to the price announced by the Central Bank yet to submit a medical report and procedures for travel for treatment.

Abbou said: You will be importing goods under import license which is evidence of the arrival of the goods and to identify the Mnashiha, reducing the leakage of currency outside of Iraq.

The Abbou to: that these measures will reduce by a few of the leak due to the presence of currency exchange offices and the offices of the currency conversion of the citizen that buys what he wants of foreign exchange and turn them out.