Official press release by: Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq

10/06/2012 13:02

Have demonstrated the challenges and the nature of the positions and developments that have passed in recent weeks that the only way to overcome the challenges that we faced, or that lie ahead in the future is resorting to the Constitution and follow the mechanisms and not to circumvent it.
What is done by His Excellency the President of the Republic to this aspect into account as required by the responsible protector of the Constitution of the impact it is important to cross this stage and cemented the democratic experiment and make it more coherent.
I extend my sincere thanks on this occasion and appreciation to His Excellency for his constructive role.
I also extend my thanks and appreciation to all who helped to put things straight and not allowed to spill into other paths to say the least it is unconstitutional, especially brothers and sisters, Dear representatives of the people who sensed the seriousness of the stage and moved on this basis.
I take this opportunity to renew the call to all political partners to sit at the table of dialogue and openness to discuss all the differences that included all the papers and initiatives in a spirit of national responsibility and strive to find solutions and move towards the process of construction and reconstruction, including the state-building process and the construction of its institutions on the basis of the constitutionality of a sound and expedite the provision of services to citizens, dear .
I am confident that we can be sure beyond all the challenges and difficulties encountered in our way if there is goodwill and make us serve Iraq and its people dear in mind.
Extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all citizens who have followed with interest and sometimes concern the developments of events and invite them to always to be at this level of care and awareness of the safety valve which they protect us and, protected the country from falling into hardship.

May peace and God's mercy and blessings
Nuri Kamal al-Maliki
Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq