Iraq confirms its continuation of seeking to withdraw the confidence and the signing of 176 on-demand

Posted on Saturday, 09 2012 17:48

Leaders of the Iraqi List, their league in the city of Mosul to discuss the latest political developments in Iraq.

And spokesperson of the Iraqi List, MP Maysoon al, there was a determination to put an end to the approach Altferdi, and work more coordinated to work on this national project with the Allies, especially the Kurdistan Alliance and the Sadrist movement and all the Iraqi political forces, which the good of Iraq and its future.

She Damluji at a press conference in Nineveh International Hotel after the meeting that day was less than to confirm that Iraq is for Iraqis, and can not be reduced to one person, or a specific destination.

And called on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the partners in the political process to work according to the principle of peaceful transfer of power, arguing that al-Maliki insisted on staying in the seat of government, its time would be unconscious of legitimacy.

For his part, rejected the head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Salman Jumaili, any interference in Iraqi affairs, and said that the draft list and its allies is not targeted at a party or a certain range, but aims to establish a democratic regime, through the steps unconstitutional to correct the deviation in the political process.

The Jumaili Eighty deputies of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and signed the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister, pointing out that the pressures and temptations of exercise to win over these members to withdraw their signatures, or not to proceed with confidence.

Salman Jumaili denied rumors that the withdrawal of confidence will lead to tearing of the country, or that sectarian fighting will happen, and make room for foreign interventions.

As mentioned member of the list Haider Mulla that 176 MPs have signed a withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki, and that the signatures were sent to President Jalal Talabani, noting that the House will wait for a message from him in this regard, according to the constitutional contexts.

He said Mullah in the event the president did not do that, we will resort to questioning the prime minister in the House of Representatives, and then take the constitutional measures to withdraw confidence.

The Speaker confirmed that the meeting of Osama Najafi Iraqi List Today marks a milestone in the path of adjustment of the political process, describing it as deviated from its course, and must return things to normal.

Najafi said at a meeting of Iraqi leaders that the decision to alter the course of the political situation in Iraq is an Iraqi decision sincere, and far from all foreign interventions, and explained that there are countries trying to intervene to keep the status quo as it is.

And that the meeting does not represent a class or sect or party or nation-specific, but represents all Iraqis, and what we seek through this meeting, it is the uniqueness and class and a group shed a few power and authority in the country.

He asked Najafi, where to go money-rich Iraq, and why 30% of the population below the poverty line, and why young people which are suffering from unemployment, since nine years, and we wonder where to go funds Asha'b, and the more we put the question raised strife and problems, and running street crisis.

He stressed the need to hold abusers to Iraqi law and the Constitution, stressing the importance of the return of the institutional system in the country, to be achieved through a balance in the institutions of the state and the army have the professional loyalty of Iraq only.

The head of the list Iyad Allawi stressed that his list and the Sadr movement and the Kurdistan Alliance are involved no confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, stressing that the objections of his list is not personal but based on the approach al-Maliki in power, as warned by all States from interfering in Iraqi affairs.

Allawi said at a meeting that the Iraqi waived due electoral manipulation as a result the Americans and Iran, the results of the last election, pointing out that his list does not seek to obtain the positions or political positions as it seeks to provide a decent life for their audiences.