Said President Jalal Talabani said the number of signatories to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki were 173 deputies and 11 of them withdrew and Vice deputies suspended their signatures resulting in a complete lack of a quorum.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic he was "out of concern for the Iraqi people see cream on the actual facts relating to the crisis caused by the intensification of political conflict, and to pay any confusion regarding the position of President of the Republic and its full commitment to the provisions of the Constitution,

In order to refute what have dealt with a number of media and political circles about the reluctance of the Head of State in the performance of constitutional duties, we would like to clarify that the president had promised the leaders of a number of political blocs that bringing to the House of Representatives the names of Representatives demanding the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister after making sure that signatures and the safety of a quorum. Despite the fact that such a step is not mandatory for the President of the Republic, it has agreed to do as a compromise, the crisis may lead to the solution. "

"The Committee was mandated by President checks have received signatures of 160 MPs from the coalition in Iraq and the coalition forces of Kurdistan and the mass of the Liberals and the number of independents, and added to them later on a list of number of members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). and later by 11 of the House of Representatives signed previously to inform the Office of the President to withdraw signatures, while others were asked two deputies "comment" Toukieihma . "

He said that "in light of this and due to lack of quorum, the message of His Excellency the President, despite the readiness of the text, have not reported to the House of Representatives and deposited with the President of Kurdistan."

"We have strictly speaking highlight these details to prevent any hearsay about the position of President of the Republic, and to reaffirm its commitment to the Basic Law. Here we must also note that the circulation of the names said to have been candidates for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers is an explicit violation of the provisions of Rule 61 VIII D of the Constitution, which empowers the President Republic this right in accordance to what is contained in Article 76 of the Basic Law. "

He said he was "President Talabani therapeutic planning a trip earlier this month but postponed until after the verification is the issue of signatures and a quorum and, after this, the clearer will be his trip next week."

He said that "the President would like to emphasize that the political crisis currently causing congestion socially and security and disrupts the functioning of economic construction is bound to be interpreted to a breakthrough in the framework of the provisions of the Constitution and the law, which calls upon all political forces limit the differences in this regard, and to avoid anything that might increase congestion and obstructing the efforts of dialogue and calls on all political forces to study the proposals and invited to the national meeting to be held in any case, whether the withdrawal of confidence or failure. "