"Loyalty to Iraq" Block, reveals a new split in Allawi's coalition

Sunday, 10 June 2012 09:54

Shafaq News/
The "Loyalty to Iraq" bloc, revealed on Saturday, the joining of three Mps in the coalition in Iraqia in the near future

It was announced two days ago in Baghdad, about the formation of "Loyalty to Iraq" whose most prominent members are from of the coalition of Iraqia, in an attempt to reject efforts to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

It seems that the gathering although it is inside Iraqia, it nominally represents the beginning of a new split. Iraqia witnessed several divisions that significantly reduced its chances as the largest single bloc in parliament. The dissidents say that the cause of their withdrawal is the "exclusive possession" of their leadership in making decisions.

The member of the, "Loyalty to Iraq," bloc MP Ahmad al-Jubouri said in an interview with "Shafaq News" "The three MPs from the Iraqia List, will join the "Loyalty to Iraq," bloc ."

He did not specify the names of the Representatives, but he said that they will join the bloc in the coming period and the number of members of the bloc will become 23 MPs .

Iraqia coalition is the leading advocates for the withdrawal of confidence from Maliki, but blocs, which officially split, most notably the white block and Free Iraqia do not support this movement.

Jubouri added that his bloc "with the questioning of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in parliament so that all of the logical statement of withdrawal of confidence will be clear ," criticizing Maliki's opponents demanding the withdrawal of confidence "without explaining the reasons."

Since the last legislative elections the dispute between Iraqia and the State of law was not solved in spite of frequent meetings. It was focused on power-sharing, as the Iraqia accuses al-Maliki of disavowal on the implementation of the agreements signed in Erbil more than two years ago.

Jubouri said that "the process of withdrawal of confidence by questioning in parliament will be of relevance, because the parties (al-Maliki and his opponents) will explain their views."

He added that the efforts of the withdrawal of confidence "was built on the basis of a personal dispute between the Prime Minister and President of the Kurdistan Region (Massoud Barzani) . It was mobilized for by the bankrupt people from the list of Iraqia."

"Loyalty to Iraq ," bloc which recently met with Maliki who praised the step, says that more than 30 MPs in the Iraqia did not decide their attitude towards the confidence withdrawal .

The leader of Iraqia, Iyad Allawi, announced earlier on Saturday, for the end of the meeting held by Maliki's opponents in the city of Mosul, and explained that Erbil, will host a similar meeting tomorrow " Sunday "to complete today's results about the subject of confidence withdrawal .

Iraqi leaders fear the failure of their movement to change the Prime Minister, as the leading figure in it Osama al Nujaifi said Failure to withdraw confidence from the Maliki means to drag the country to collapse, pointing out that the Iraqi Army is working "under the command of one person."

Maliki's critics became semi-disappointed after Maliki had succeeded in winning the MPs of "Loyalty to Iraq" on his side, and gained the trust of others, at a time when a government statement announced recently that the names of these representatives were "written " in the lists of confidence withdrawal .

The coalition al-Maliki, accuses the Iraqia of forging signatures of the MPs, which forced Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to wait in sending the list to the House of Representatives, in order to verify the allegations of fraud in the signatures of parliamentarians.