Urgent .. Talabani announces the non-completion of the quorum for withdrawal of confi
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Thread: Urgent .. Talabani announces the non-completion of the quorum for withdrawal of confi

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    Urgent .. Talabani announces the non-completion of the quorum for withdrawal of confi

    Urgent .. Talabani announces the non-completion of the quorum for withdrawal of confidence from Maliki

    Sunday, 10 June 2012 09:51

    Shafaq News/ President Jalal Talabani, announces on Saturday evening, for the quorum non-completion for the withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, adding that the book is deposited to Kurdistan Region President an it was not submitted to the parliament speaker .

    A statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic "Shafaq News" received copy of, that Talabani " had promised the leaders of a number of political blocs to raise the names of Representatives demanding the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister to the House of representative after ensuring the soundness of the signatures and the required quorum," noting "Such a step is not obligatory for the President of the Republic. He has agreed to do it as a compromise, that may lead to the solution of the crisis."

    The statement explained that "the Committee mandated by the President for checking has received signatures of 160 MPs from the coalition of Iraqia and the coalition of Kurdistan forces and the bloc of the Liberals and a number of independents, and a number of members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, were added to the list. Later 11 of the House of Representatives members signed previously to inform the Office of the President about their request to withdraw their signatures, while two other Mps requested to suspend their signatures. "

    The statement added that "in the light of this and due to lack of quorum, the message of His Excellency the President, despite the readiness of the text, have not been submitted to the House of Representatives and it was deposited to the President of the Kurdistan Region."

    The statement continued that "we intended to bring out these details to prevent any hearsay about the position of President of the Republic, and to reaffirm his commitment to the Basic Law."

    The statement pointed out that "the circulation of the names said to be candidates for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers is an explicit violation of the provisions of Article 61 of the Constitution Eighth d authorizing the President of this right in accordance with what is contained in Article 76 of the Basic Law."

    The statement noted that "President Talabani had planned a treatment trip earlier this month, but preferred postponing it while awaiting the verification of signatures and the subject of the quorum, and after the clearness of this, his trip will be next week."

    The statement confirmed that "The current political worsening, which causes social and security congestion and hinder the progress of economic construction should be resulted in a breakthrough in the framework of the provisions of the Constitution and the law."

    The statement called on "all political forces to put the differences within these limits , and to avoid anything that might increase tension and disrupt the efforts of dialogue .It calls on all political forces to study his proposals and his call to the National meeting which will be held in any case, whether the withdrawal of confidence happened or not ."
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