Mthjama on Maliki .. Najafi: any law speaks of this dictator!

| On 2012-06-08 |

11 o'clock
Baghdad integrity of electronic
Shen House Speaker Osama al attack on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, saying "any law speaks of this dictator, a committed himself to agreements not include anything unconstitutional, asking," Do you forget Maliki when he pledged to us to happen sectarian balance within the military and end the era of ablation final "and the release of senior former regime without a trial and challenge him a deny all these facts.

Nujaifi said at a scientific conference at the University of Mosul, "said Maliki deceive his audience of our brothers is raising the slogan of the de-Baathification in the media" which is the same return of thousands of officers, private security and intelligence and intelligence in the era of the former regime and the Office of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces filled with dozens of them, as well as team leaders who condemn his allegiance Asttnahm shred of ablation is the privilege of a double standard.

He Nujaifi wonder if you know drummers of the owners and Almstmaton for him that al-Maliki committed his coalition in the agreement of Arbil on the terms of less Maigal her humiliation of Iraqi Kurds for survival in the prime minister and not to leave for the position and supplements secret Convention revealed overturn the table it and can not undeniable because the Toukaaha personally. "

Najafi and revealed that the "al-Maliki Astjdani in order to mediate for him to meet with the Saudi monarch and the latter refused Maliki has promised to sign a blank paper if the Custodian of the Two Holy agreed to receive him in Riyadh.