06/09/2012 19:04

The meeting ended with the official list of the leaders of Iraqi forces in Mosul this afternoon in the presence of its leaders after the enrollment of Allawi, head of the list an hour after the start of the meeting ..
A source inside the meeting said the leaders of Iraqi Kurdistan will go to the night today or tomorrow morning at the latest Altviader to discuss the scenarios proposed in the political scene with their project confidence Kurds and the Sadr movement ..
The source said that Iraq has been in scenarios Atnyen to Aiii have been agreed upon at the meeting of Mosul today by the leaders first of which stick to the subject of withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki urged President Jalal Talabani on the request of the Parliament in this regard and the rejection of all the pressures exerted and practiced members of the list and demanding the withdrawal of confidence, whether the parties to the regional or international, and even government through the use of prime minister, the policy of carrot and stick in the words of the source, who declined to be named in order to reverse their decision and come the insistence of the leaders of Iraq to that of the bets on the surprises in the last hour and change the opinion of some members of parliament who can not to declare their intention to withdraw confidence from Maliki's government and this Macdh one of the leaders of the meeting as "contacts Tlacahy of deputies representing blocks not willing to withdraw confidence and promised to Hola House of Representatives said they would vote with Iraq in the event of voting was secret," not to mention some members of the Iraq who threatened the President Minister or the temptations presented to them in the text of Kmadjae Tomb MP Haider Mulla for the incident ..
In case of rejection of the President of the Republic and the solution Fbomkan recipe call for questioning the Prime Minister and the withdrawal of his confidence and this Maysmah by the Constitution as well, "and that if the Kurds and the Sadrists agree to that option ..
The source added that Alsinarioa second in the event did not achieve the project confidence is to take the international assurances and regional Prime Minister Bograr radical reforms and comprehensive in the political status quo and that is through the formation of delegations to visit Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to intervene to persuade al-Maliki in the involvement of the Iraqi decision and then go to meeting or a national meeting and put a time limit clearly undiminished to those reforms, and not Tsuifaa and return of the leaders of Iraq who Aqsoa from office and the settlement of a judicial issue Hashemi, "and allow him to defend himself and the implementation of Arbil is strictly Mojtzih ..
He concluded that both the source scenarios Saardha tomorrow, "the Iraqi Kurds and agree on one and end the stranglehold Nlk crisis plaguing the country ..