BREAKING NEWS Talabani's Office announces that quorum to withdraw confidence from Maliki not achieved
09/06/2012 23:13:00
Baghdad (NINA) The President's Office affirmed that quorum to withdraw confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has not been achieved.

In a statement to the press issued on Saturday, June 9, by the President's Office said that in response to rumors circulated by the media and because the President is committed to abide by the Constitution and to have the public informed.

The statement said that the President received a request to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, signed by 160 lawmakers; later 11 lawmakers withdrew their signatures, while 2 others put their requests on hold, making the number of signatures received demanding withdrawal of confidence does not meet the required number; therefore the quorum to withdraw confidence is not been achieved.

It went on saying that the President had postponed a trip abroad to undergo medical treatment; and since the situation is clear now he will leave early next week.

The statement concluded that the President urges all sides to keep their differences within the frames of the Constitution to avoid any obstacles that might hinder constructive dialogue between all parties; he renew he call for holding the National Meeting, whether confidence withdrawn or not. / End.