Be advised…there are so called “secret list” and “secret codes” being promoted by dinar sites and forums all over the Internet.

People are being advised to sign up for so called “secret bank deals”.

I myself will not be doing any such thing and there is a serious reason for this.

The reason I will not do so is because of the United States Patriot Act. I will not sign up to be part of any group to do a group financial transaction with any foreign currency not knowing who the other members of the “secret” group may be.

You see, because of the wording of the Patriot Act and because of the RICO statute (which defines organized crime) if one single person in the “group” were to be identified as a suspected terrorist or even be suspected of suspicious transactions tied to terrorism, that would cause an automatic freeze on all of the funds and the accounts of ALL members of the “group”.

By signing up to be part of some group without knowing who the other members are and what they are doing with their money (terrorist funding or drug dealing) I feel I would be placing myself and my accounts at risk. That is why I will not be signing up for any so called “secret code” or “secret deal” that requires I become a member of some “secret, unknown group”.

When the rate changes and the banks accept the exchange we will go to the bank on our own, in private and deal one on one with the bank in privacy.

I have decided to take this stance for my own safety and security.

I do not give financial advise but, I do tell all of my friends to use their heads and think for themselves and now is the time when people better do some serious thinking.