MPs critical of Talabani and the ambiguity of the position of Misty political scene
Created on Friday, 08 2012 10:10

Baghdad / Orr News
There is the current political scene blur is vaguely the position of President Jalal Talabani of the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and not to his announcement of an explicit position on the withdrawal of confidence or not. Confirms deputies from different political blocs did not know the mystery surrounding the process of withdrawal of confidence and the case has become confined between the President Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, leader of the Sadrist movement and Muqtada al-Sadr and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi and the Speaker Osama al in addition to President Jalal Talabani.
They point to the House of Representatives that they did not know anything about the delegations that will be sent to the states as well as on what is being circulated in the media. Kurdistan Alliance MP proof Faraj announced Talabani did not know to send delegations to the outside of Iraq to discuss the crisis taking place in the country, indicating that this matter heard in the media only. Mhiraaly confidence that the process of withdrawing Iraqi affair has no right of intervention by the states.
Is not different from the opinion of the Attorney for the rule of law Ihsan Faraj al-Awadi, the opinion by saying that he possesses no information on the state delegations that we heard about in the media sent to Turkey and Iran, noting that Talabani has a clear vision and is keen on his country.
While the media have handled that Talabani signed a request to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and he deposited at the head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, Talabani's office denied in a statement on the health of the news.

The statement said
"It is the clarification of the truth and to inform public opinion on the facts confirm that the news from the truth, the reality is that the President received from the parliamentary blocs lists of deputies signed the request to withdraw confidence and decided on Monday evening the formation of a presidential commission to proceed to the check signatures, ie, that the Commission did not proceed actually its only Tuesday morning, the president has been prepared a letter addressed to the Chairman of the House of Representatives Osama al transmitting the completed audit signatures to the House of Representatives. "

The statement said that "the delicate situation through which our country requires political parties to take their launch announcement of the statements and positions of other parties without her knowledge, as required by the media to show more care to be precise in the dissemination of news.".

The statement concluded by noting that informed public opinion on the facts of a constitutional right things the project, but without damage to efforts to achieve solutions to ensure the country's stability and sustainability of the democratic political process. "
In the meantime, different views of the Vice-fronts the front first in favor of withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the other rejecting it, recalling the front that you want to no confidence that it has completed the process of collecting signatures and that it was considering currently in post-confidence motion and selection of replacements, as shown in the Vice-state law that things have not reached this stage and that the rumors have no truth, as many of the signatories have withdrawn their signatures, noting that they are committed to the Maliki and no other candidate.
And trading in the political arena the names of 10 candidates for the post of prime minister in case of no-confidence they Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Qusay, and Suhail Ahmad Chalabi and Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and Bayan Jabr, Ali Adeeb and Khudair Khuzaie, Hussein Shahristani, Faleh al-Fayad and Hadi al-Amiri.
But a coalition of state law denies out of hand such as receipt of such names as he said, member of a coalition of state law Mohammed Saadoun Chihod that the names of al-Maliki for an alternative within the National Alliance is just a trial intended to dismantle its components.
Chihod said: "The attempt to dismantle the components of the National Alliance is part of the conspiratorial scheme on it." He added: "The National Alliance and its symbols of national who have devoted themselves to serve Iraq and its people are well aware of this scenario is cheap, indicating that the symbols of the National Alliance are the biggest that fools them these plots that showed something then it shows the political bankruptcy of those who dived arms of foreign."

According to saying Congress rules out that there will be a special session of Congress to raise the subject of withdrawal of confidence. MP said as the Iraqi List, Nahida Daini that an extraordinary session to ask to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki is difficult because most MPs and political leaders are out of Iraq.