Maliki is out of the Iraqi Vice-step corrective
GMT 15:41:00 2012 Thursday, June 7

Maliki, a community gathering to meet with Iraq's
London: In the midst of the political debate between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his opponents about trying to draw confidence with him, it was considered out deputies from the list of his rival Iyad Allawi's "Iraqi" step on the right track, but several of them said he did not come out of the list, but refuses to withdraw confidence.
Maliki said at a meeting in his office in Baghdad today for a number of members of the "Coalition of the Loyalty to Iraq" who belonged to the Iraqi rejectionists of movements aimed at the withdrawal of confidence from the government, "I appreciate this initiative as a step on the path of correction, and we will be part of this national trend, which will save the country the repercussions of the quota system. " Promised to move as a step-established and strong, for they came from the womb of suffering produced by the crisis and the misconception of the National Partnership, stressing that Iraq needs to stream a real national based on Iraq's unity and faith in national goals away from the affiliations of national, religious, sectarian and work to achieve them to serve the interests top of the country.
Maliki said he hoped to see this project corrective active and influential in the House of Representatives.
He renewed the call for sovereignty and cooperation of everyone to sit for dialogue under the tent home, saying, extend our hands for all to build and develop Iraq and serve his people as quoted by his press office. He stressed the need to complete the construction of the state and its institutions and the extension of the rule of law and limited to arms, however, the state alone and not in the hands of armed groups or militias in order to preserve security and stability.Among the participants in the meeting today, Congress included their names in the lists of no-confidence without the will of them, while others said they did not Anhqoa for Iraq, but they refuse to withdraw confidence from the government.