Nujaifi accuses the government to disrupt many of the laws after publication in the Official Gazette

Friday 08 حزيران 2012 09:58 GMT

House Speaker Osama Najafi

Sumerian News / Baghdad
Accused House Speaker Osama Najafi, Friday, the government disable many of the laws relating to the affairs of the homeland and the citizen after publication in the Official Gazette, stressing at the same time that most of the reforms required to implement the government did not turn to the draft laws.

Nujaifi said in a statement released today, and received "Alsumaria News," a copy of it, that "the House of Representatives passed several laws relating to the affairs of the country and citizens," adding that "the government halted its application after publication in the Official Gazette, such as tariff law and the law of the salaries of the three presidencies and the decision increase the rate wheat and barley, to wait to approve removal of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Health. "

Najafi and considered that "the targeting of the House of Representatives or the entire body or try to disregard his constitutional responsibilities or performance but rather reflects the sensitivity to any over-the role of a strong and active and effective role in this stage of the political history of Iraq."

Najafi and expressed surprise at the "arrows of criticism directed to the Parliament for lack of laws enacted in the interest of the citizen, while the responsibility for this legislation to the government, which they see the need and the duty of those laws and the proposal presented to Parliament each party has a constitutional role of the decree."

The Nujaifi that "the Prime Minister disclosed to the House of Representatives for aspiration of his government to adopt a package of laws and new legislation during the current parliamentary session, but the scan to the total of plans and projects in place before the people indicates that most of the needed reforms were not implemented did not turn into bills."

The Nujaifi that "the House of Representatives its current session confronted great challenges were designed to strip him of his constitutional powers and turn it into orbit a small going on in the domain Aflak government without power and no strength," adding "the lack of response the Prime Minister and several ministers attending the Council for the purpose of interrogation according to the constitutional mechanisms are supported the best proof of that. "

The Nujaifi that "national partnership in the House of Representatives legislative oversight may not be Gmtha or withheld or object to them and can not in any way deprived the House of Representatives of the responsibilities of the Constitutional," calling those who "seek to achieve in order to leave the culture worn that do not distinguish between the government and the state , Valthanih fixed and the first mutant. "

He Nujaifi that "the duty of the House of Representatives in accordance with this constitutional principle that has proved a structure capable of sobering development through discussion and debate among its members overheating, be sure to order such as this would not be satisfied at the other, and so they have a plan, scheming."

He called Najafi, "who believe in the power of the House of Representatives vulnerable to correct their vision in order to ensure the continuation of their actions in the political scene."

Coincides with this statement with the escalation of tension between the presidents of the government and Parliament, especially after he revealed the leadership of the coalition of state law, Kamal Saadi for the collection of signatures of 163 deputies to remove Najafi from office because of "incompetence" in the management of parliamentary sessions and "impede" the work of the government.

He criticized Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in the (June 6, 2012), Management House Speaker Osama Najafi of parliamentary sessions.

And return the dispute between the parties to the beginning of the year 2011, when he threatened to Najafi after the protests, which started in more than one province against the deterioration of the services provided by government to citizens, to withdraw confidence from the government and drop what does not meet the demands of citizens, as well as the confidence of every minister can not implement 75% of programs designed for the ministry, which he considered a coalition of state law Najafi attempt to draw a greater role of the real role.

The Prime Minister is facing at present claims of no confidence from him by a number of political blocs, most notably the Sadrists and the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance, with cautions Congress about the state of law of this step on the political process.