Najafi criticize Maliki's comments against the House of Representatives and is described by sensitization against excessive work of the Council

On: Friday 08/06/2012 12:25
Baghdad / WAP / criticized House Speaker Osama Najafi recent statements by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki against the House of Representatives during a meeting with a number of notables and tribal leaders from the province of Salahuddin.
A statement from the office on Friday, Najafi received the news agency reported Baghdad International / WAP / copy
That the targeting of the House of Representatives or the entire board, or his attempt underestimated constitutional responsibilities or his performance, but rather reflects the sensitivity over by al-Maliki about the Council.
The statement said al-Maliki launched that promises to inform the House of Representatives for his government to approve a package of new laws and legislation during the current parliamentary session, which did not turn out to implement the bills.
The statement added that the House of Representatives and faced significant challenges were designed to strip him of his constitutional powers and turn it into orbit a small going on in the domain Aflak government without the authority or the power of legislative, pointing to the lack of response to the Prime Minister and several ministers attending the Council for the purpose of interrogation, according to the mechanics of the constitutionality of approved proof on it.
The statement called for by all, both nationally and constitutionally, morally and legally and to those who believe in the power of the Council vulnerable to them to correct their vision of a guarantee for the continuation of their actions in the political landscape.