Najafi: launches a scathing attack on the al-Maliki and confirms its commitment to the democratic path

On: Friday 8/6/2012 7:18

Baghdad / range called House Speaker Osama Najafi, Thursday, to adhere to the constitutional solutions to address all outstanding issues and adherence to the democratic path, as he emphasized the need to move away from the escalation in the face of crisis.

Najafi said in a statement issued today on the sidelines of a meeting, Acting U.S. Embassy in Iraq, Robert P. Croft, received the long version of it, that "The meeting has discussed the implications of the political crisis in the country."

The Najafi on the "need to adhere to the solutions of constitutional to address all outstanding issues and adherence to the democratic path," calling to "stay away from style escalation in the face of crises."

launched a Speaker Osama Najafi a scathing attack on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, accusing him of harnessing the Constitution and laws in order to stay In office, without the obligation to electoral program or the demands of the Iraqi people, revealing the decisions taken by the al-Maliki does not teach his audience did not hear them, he said.

Nujaifi said at a scientific conference attended at the University of Mosul, on the sidelines of inspecting students colleges during final exams on Wednesday that: " Maliki deceive his audience of our fellow Shiites as described is raising the slogan of the de-Baathification in the media and himself from the back of thousands of officers, private security and intelligence and intelligence in the era of the former regime and the Office of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces filled with dozens of them after being forced to the embodiment of personal and team leaders who owed ​​him allegiance Asttnahm of ablation is found on the privilege of a double standard. "

He asked Najafi, "I wonder you know drummers of the owners and Almstmaton for him that al-Maliki committed his coalition in the agreement of Arbil on the terms to say the least humiliating the Iraqi Kurds for survival in the prime minister and not to leave for the position and supplements secret Agreement revealed overturn the table it can not undeniable, because the signature personally. "

However, Najafi said, "for any law speaks of this dictator, a committed himself agreements there is nothing other than the Constitution and whether forgotten Maliki when he pledged to us to happen sectarian balance within the military and end the era of ablation final "and the release of senior former regime without trial, and challenge him if you deny all these facts.

said Najafi, "for any regional project calls into question al-Maliki and accuse us that we are moving plot suspect led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar who Astjdani to mediate his return to meet with the Saudi monarch and the latter refused and promised to Maliki to sign a blank paper if approved by the Custodian of the Two Holy on his meeting in Riyadh.

"The Prime Minister launched an attack" on the House of Representatives yesterday accused, "his mismanagement, negligence and fabricating crises of his student member of the state law the National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati, Presidency of the Council of Representatives to preserve the unity of the Council and to accelerate the legislation of laws broken that serve the citizen rather than preoccupation with political conflict.
Bayati said in a press statement on Thursday: The current crisis will not affect the operation of the House of Representatives demands to speed up the legislation of laws that concern the citizen to miss an opportunity to those who want inhibit the operation of the House of Representatives and dragging it to political conflicts are not useless, but damaging the interests of the country.

He said: the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to preserve the unity of the Council and to prevent the division, and the reduction of permanent political debate which reflected negatively on the Iraqi street.