Assess the trade seminar on Iraq's accession to the WTO

BAGHDAD / JD / .. set up the Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Commerce seminar on the World Trade Organization at the Hall of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce within the educational campaign to educate the Iraqi public opinion is very desired by Iraq's accession to the WTO. A statement issued by the ministry received / JD / copy of it: that the seminar was led by Director of the World Trade Organization in the Ministry Tharwat Akram Salman and responsible PSD Solafah Samir Abdullah, the presence of Secretary General of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Abdul Hussein al-Jabr blessed. The Salman brief history of Start of Iraq has asked to join the organization in 2004 and the general principles that run them and the period of long and complex as required by the accession process and provided a detailed explanation of the preparations undertaken by Iraq to create to join as a return significant benefits is reflected on all sectors of economic, political, service and cultural, which have maximum effect of the Iraqi citizen. through the activation of the legislation of laws commercial import, export and promotion of national industry to the fact that Iraq oldest request to join after lengthy study and research. The number of members of the organization 158 members and 30 countries with observer status in the process of preparing for accession and Iraq, including. For his part, spoke highly of the Secretary General of the Union, the efforts made by the Ministry of Commerce to define the citizen Bmaheh Iraq's accession to the WTO and explain the pros and cons and to overcome obstacles and develop solutions to the problems that stand in the way of joining the fact that Iraq is seeking to join the force. And threw the responsibility of PSD in the circle of economic relations, the word explained the role of the Ministry in developing and educating the Iraqi trader and work to protect the private sector and the involvement of traders players in the National Commission on bargaining with the organization and proposals for the development of the Department of the private sector and stressed that Iraq's delay in joining the organization loss of investment opportunities and the loss of international experience. And raised in the seminar many of the questions focused on how to take advantage of joining the WTO and the mechanisms in place and functioning of the negotiations with the National Committee of the Organization and the resulting returns for the protection of the private sector and support from the government side. It is noted that the Ministry of Commerce had previously held a number of such seminars in the various ministries and a number of provinces for the reactions to build a base set up to chart future policy in dealing with the developments and obstacles that stand in the way Iraq's accession to the WTO. php%3FID%3D302