Citizens of Sinjar support calls to withdraw confidence from the Maliki

[17:52] 12/Jun/07

Arbil - 7 June to June (PNA): cross-citizens of the Sinjar district, located at a distance of 120 km north of Mosul, expressed their support for the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, stressing that he did not give anything to spend not only on the level of services is not at the level of commitment to the Constitution and the application of the law.

Media behind Haji Hamad said in an interview with a reporter and agency Biamunir news that the government of Nouri al-Maliki has not adhered to since its inception until today, any agreement with the Kurds, and we as Kurds live in Sinjar believe that al-Maliki if he remains on his will not change anything until the end of his term, although we our of the disputed areas and need special attention, and the neglect of these areas, we trust him with the withdrawal.

By the resident said Jawad Alababwati, the correspondent agency Biamunir news we as intellectuals from the people of Sinjar, we had a lot of wishes that we consider their application by the federal government that have not committed not by the Constitution nor the laws in force in particular Article 140, which granted the rights of the citizens of the disputed areas, but we Unfortunately, we started losing our rights in our areas of government neglect and the application of the Constitution, so we are with the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki.

The citizen Sheikh Hussein, he said to a reporter and agency Biamunir news we the people of Sinjar, politicians, intellectuals and representatives of civil society organizations and citizens with the withdrawal of confidence from the Nuri al-Maliki because two years ago at the head of the government did not provide something tangible for the people, and we as citizens of the disputed area concerns us is largely a matter of Article 140, a substance constitutionality has been agreed upon and we reflect on one day to find a solution and return to the bosom of the Kurdistan region, but that the government's negligence was a hindrance to this, as the reality of deteriorating services in our calls on all segments of society in Sinjar to support the claim of no confidence with him.
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