In America .. Conference to the national and tribal government to support the National Partnership

06-06-2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment - Sheikh Mohammed Jaber waterfall Jubouri representative of the Alliance of Iraqi tribes in the Diaspora that preparations are under way to convene a conference of national forces and clan in one of the States of America to support the government of national partnership, headed by Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, and Shaykh al-Jubouri, who was speaking to the reporter (Voice of Iraq) in Washington to mid-June, will be holding such a conference and that all preparations are under way to that which will determine the date and venue of the conference and added that we will leave the door open to all Iraqi patriotic forces in the United States to attend the conference, in response to a question, Voice of Iraq over who will attend the conference? Sheikh Jubouri we have contacted a large number of clergy evacuation and tribal leaders who are in America and a number of intellectuals and academics patriots to attend, and on the statement and recommendations that emerge from the conference Jubouri said, we will not stand against any component of the Iraqi people and the proof that we are contacted with a large number children of ethnicities other sects and voiced readiness to attend, but we feel there is injustice and unfairness great had been their prime minister, who Ontbnah and that we are facing responsibility historical and ethical and legitimate to stand with him against the vicious attack led by the state sponsors of terrorism and terrorists, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, and the position of the Conference of Mr. Muqtada al- Sadr and his recent position of the government Jubouri said, that Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr knows before anyone else that if the faithful and a dragonfly-Din Ali Ibn Abi Talib governing Iraq at the moment to stop these traitors against him and worked to withdraw confidence from the fact that the target is not who governs but target all of Iraq For everyone to beware of a plot of Saud cowards, and the position of the two conferences of Kurds Jubouri said, that our conference will be held in order to defame people and other nationalities, but we say to his brother Kurds remember the statements of the fugitive Tariq al-Hashimi and the offender Saleh al-Mutlaq and criminals, members of the terrorist-list then you will know that the target are children of Anfal and mass graves, and about who finances such as the so communities and those who stand behind them occur Jubouri said: I swear by the book of God and the strain Prophet and my honor that we will not receive any contact from any party did not get any support, but on the contrary, there are people and families close to Maliki stand against us with all our strength!! But the feeling Palmsalah is Haddy us to walk in this way till the end, and he added Jubouri that a delegation of members of the Conference will meet with Msaal the Iraqi file at the State Department to know the position of the Americans of the conspiracy sordid hatched against the Iraqi people, and the goal of visiting Iraqi delegation to the Foreign American? Sheikh Jubouri we Americans of Iraqi origin we have the right within the U.S. Constitution to ask our government what is going on for any event in the world and this is our natural right, at the end of the meeting, Mr. Jubouri thanks and appreciation to the newspaper Voice of Iraq that we and we respect its founder, brother and friend Anwar Abdel-Rahman, and I hope from God Almighty to go through this crisis and come out of Iraq, well, God Almighty

Voice of Iraq correspondent
In Washington, DC