Urgent .. Reveal the Iraqi "threat" to the supporters of Maliki's deputies are questioning Bhetwaqaahm "play"
Thursday, June 7, 2012 15:15

Twilight News / revealed the Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi on Thursday that a number of deputies for "threat and intimidation" by supporters of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, usually according to claim questioning Bhetwaqaahm trust him "pathetic play."
Accuse the State of Law coalition, led by al-Maliki, the Iraqi coalition arch basis, with all signatures to Congress without reference to them, and the signatures collected were sent to the country's leader Jalal Talabani to check in before being sent to parliament for a vote on the government.
The spokeswoman for the coalition in Iraq Maysoon al in a statement sent to "Twilight News" online, "The number of Iraqi MPs received telephone messages are not free from threat and intimidation, to respond without one of the Iraqi MPs lining to those messages and temptations empty."
It pointed out that the signatories to withdraw confidence from the Maliki "are subjected to many pressures by some clinging to power," without revealing its nature.
She said that the "doubting signatures and try to discredit the Iraqi national leaders play pathetic and entrenched belief that their faith in the democratic process and the peaceful transfer of power."
Damluji confirmed that "the vote under the dome of the House of Representatives is in any case, al-Faisal, and Mr. al-Maliki and those around him to respect the national will and the Constitution adopted by the people and the democratic process."
And renewed the invitation to the National Alliance to "find an acceptable alternative for the position of Chairman of the Council of Ministers to block the predators."
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