Sadrists to Maliki: Do not fear the "Charge of the Knights" new!
Thursday, 07 2012 08:02

Baghdad / Orr News

Sadr launched a sharp attack on a coalition of state law in response to the accusations made ​​by the coalition of Prime Minister on the background of the current position in support of withdrawal of confidence from the government and the isolation of al-Maliki.

The MP said the Liberal bloc of parliamentary horse Hasnawi in a statement that the leaders of the first row of the Dawa Party, has been attacking prominent figures to dislodge on their way, and pointed out that the approach pursued by the Prime Minister and leaders of his party and his coalition legitimize the dictatorship of a new more dangerous than those that fell in 2003, and that this matter is why the leader of the Sadrist movement rose up and go to the maximum possible no-confidence to deter al-Maliki and his party from building a sole ruler.

He Hasnawi that the Dawa Party, a shift from party jihadist struggle to party authoritarian and wants today, return the country to below zero after salvation from Saddam and Washington, noting at the same time that the Sadrists do not fear the "Charge of the Knights of a new" by waving the Prime Minister to discourage opponents from the withdrawal of confidence and isolate it from the government, in reference to the military campaign waged by the Prime Minister against the Sadrist movement.

He explained that what is happening in the current crisis is a repeat of the scenario in 1972 -1973, which shed the Baath Party at the time, and revived his people a bit, then beating the drums of war with Kurdistan and the work on the liquidation of his opponents at home, warning that the left-Maliki at whim will make it spark a war with the Kurdistan Regional and liquidate opponents at home.

Commented MP for the Liberal bloc parliamentary accusations of MP for the coalition of state law, Sami al-Askari of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr accused the chest hard-unity, Shiite, saying that these voices are the same that loud at the time of the tyrant Muawiya mobilized against Imam Hussein, "peace be upon him" hard stick Muslims .

He Hasnawi do not care what others say about us, we are, "We have a clear message will not deflected it."