America's expansion to protect Iraqi funds until May 2013

06/06/2012 20:39

Erbil Huzeian 6 / June (Rn) - The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that it received a letter from the United States agreed to include the extension of the protection of Iraqi funds deposited in the Development Fund for Iraq for another year

According to a ministry statement said that "the acting United States Embassy in Iraq, Robert Beecroft peace and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari this morning a letter containing the consent of Washington to extend the protection and immunities Extraordinary of Iraqi funds in the Development Fund for Iraq until the month of May / May next year 2013."

The statement added that "Zebari discussed with U.S. official Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations and regional situation."

President Barack Obama signed the eighth of last month, an executive order to extend immunity to Iraqi funds in the Development Fund for Iraq, known for short as (dfi) for a year due to the state of national emergency with respect to the stability of Iraq, including keeping his money is protected as far as provided by U.S. law standard of protection in such circumstances.

The extension provides the protection of Iraqi funds deposited in this fund from any lawsuits and fake or real by companies or individuals, it also provides real support to the Iraqi Central Bank and the funds from oil revenues, which represents the supplier of the President's budget.