Maliki: all conspiracies targeting the political process will fail
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Thread: Maliki: all conspiracies targeting the political process will fail

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    Maliki: all conspiracies targeting the political process will fail

    Maliki: all conspiracies targeting the political process will fail

    Wednesday 06/06/2012 15:34

    Baghdad / WAP / Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said what happened to the plots to the political process and the democratic experiment would fail, Will not be achieved wished for those who want to disrupt the political process. "

    He said a statement by the Prime Minister received the news agency reported Baghdad International / WAP / copy, "Maliki said during a meeting with a delegation of elders and the elders of the province of Salah that the positions expressed by the Sons of Iraq, the various segments in the formation of national movement to face crises faced by the country is a place of pride and pride, indicating that the pressure is increasing as the government began moving correctly to build the state, and as we move and the new challenges we faced was no external factor away from her at all, Iraq is strong and undesirable Amreh it, and is intended to be infested with the body of Iraq abhorrent sectarianism. "

    "The scored achievements in terms of stability, security and the eradication of terrorism and the opening of investment opportunities did not live up to some of those who are trying to stretch at the expense of Iraq and work that does not restore Iraq's role, the payment of the parties opened their doors and Frst them the red carpet."

    He said, "We were expecting from the concept of partnership to be supportive of the state and complementary to, but we found it bound to its will, noting that Mithar of uproar and accusations of exclusivity and dictatorship are not unfounded constitution is clear in the formulation of the relationship between the components of the political blocs represented in the Council of Ministers.

    Asked al-Maliki: Why hold meetings of the Council of Ministers, without the hustle and Amhatrut while experiencing the Council of Representatives many cases broken, is not due to poor management of the Council, this weakness which causes disable the laws that are in the interest of citizens and reflect negatively on the performance of the government. "/ End
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