Sadrists: Maliki will pay for loss of credibility and the Alliance of parliamentary reforms will pass
Date: Thursday, 06.07.2012 9:01

Baghdad / range

said the political blocs, which met in Erbil, Najaf, on Wednesday, it still adheres to the option of "no confidence" for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, but did not rule out, at the same time, what they described as "surprises the last minute," referring to the possibility of find their efforts to overthrow the President of the Government.

He stressed the Vice-Liberal bloc and the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance on their adherence to the claim of "reforms" even if he fails the option of withdrawal of confidence, Marjaheen resort to building alliances parliament to pass laws and legislation that they said were necessary to complete the building of state institutions and "rein in the policy of exclusivity," which accuses al-Maliki adoption.
The deputies asked in an interview for "long" the prime minister of trying to gain the satisfaction of the forces that were unanimous in opposing his policies and engage in serious dialogue to complete the remainder of his term, the expectation that he would pay "the price of loss of credibility" in the upcoming elections.
The country has a stronger confrontation so far between Maliki and his associates , reached a peak when completed with President Jalal Talabani, more than 170 signatures asking him to use his constitutional powers to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.
, says political parties that there is "pressure complex," from outside the country is facing the forces which oppose to the survival of al-Maliki in power, and conducts extensive contacts to develop alternative scenario to rein in the policies of exclusivity if the faltering confidence of the President of the Government.
, says Prince Kanani, MP for the Liberal bloc, in an interview for "long" that "everything expected in politics and if we fail in an effort to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, we certainly will continue in efforts to reform until convince the parties that reject it. "
and adds that "the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki is not the end, Vaketl opposition to him has other options no less effective confidence Kcecchel alliances parliamentary working to pass laws and legislation that would complete the construction of state institutions and restriction of his policies" .
and how the coexistence of forces opposed to the owners with him within the government and parliament if they find a scenario-confidence, says Kanani "The government and parliament would remain the same because they are state institutions, and the withdrawal of confidence is a Democrat even if it did not work, and not necessarily be for failing repercussions bad on us or on the party other. "
and adds "al-Maliki will pay for loss of credibility in the next election because none of the political forces will not accept the alliance with someone who denies all its agreements".