More MPs approve withdrawing confidence from Premier, says IS MP Baghdad (AIN)

-MP Yassin al-Mutleg of the Iraqiya Slate announced rising the number of the signatories for withdrawing confidence from the Premier al-Maliki up to (182) MPs after the approval of a number of MPs within the Iraqi National Alliance and other sides on this aspect.
Mutleg said "The total number of the MPs who signed the draft of withdrawing confidence from the Premier was (176) MPs, but now it became (182) when a number of independent MPs within the INA have approved this issue in addition to approval of new sides."
The Iraqiya Slate's MP added "Maliki's non adherence to the common agreements signed with the closest political partners, among them his partners within the INA, is the thing that forces the other parties to work in this direction," noting that "The blocs have invited Maliki repeatedly to abide by the mutual agreements and avoid monopolization policy in managing the State." /End/