Sadrist lawmaker: Withdrawing confidence from Maliki's government is been resolved to us
05/06/2012 19:09:00
Baghdad (NINA) Lawmaker from Ahrar bloc, Uday al-Awadi, stressed that the issue of withdrawing confidence from the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is been resolved as far as the Sadrist Trend is concerned.

Awadi told NINA on Tuesday, June 5, "The issue of withdrawing confidence form Maliki's government is a Constitutional and legal issue, and since there are changes in the political process and for its inconsistency because of disagreement amid its participants, therefore we must seek reforms."

He pointed out that the Sadrist Trend had demanded reforms and dialogue between political blocs and the government, but in no avail.

Awadi said that he is sorry because things necessitate withdrawing confidence from the government, which is last thing the Sadrist Trend would like to do and it is going this way; pointing out that the Sadrist Trend is confident that withdrawing confidence form Maliki's government is for the good of the people to get rid of the real crisis.

He stressed that the Sadrist Trend is part of the National Alliance, it adheres to it and next Prime Minister to be from the Alliance, pointing out that no side can expel it from the Alliance because it is one of its founders, though he might disagree with some of its other components. / End.