President's Office denies report by the Mada daily saying he has approved withdrawing confidence from Maliki's government
05/06/2012 20:12:00
Baghdad (NINA) The President's Office denied the report published by the Mada daily stating that the President approved withdrawing confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

A statement issued on Tuesday, June 5, by the President Office said that al-Mada newspaper published, today on its front page, a report ascribed to a high level source, saying that the President, upon receiving request singed by more than 170 lawmakers, of their authenticity approved by a special committee signed a decree withdrawing confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki;

It added that to inform the public, we affirm that such report is untrue, in fact the President has received a request from Parliamentary blocs list of names of lawmakers demanding withdrawal of confidence; on Monday evening he formed a special committee charged with checking the authenticity, the Committee started its task on Tuesday morning. The President prepared a message addressed to the Speaker of Parliament to attach with it the checked names of lawmakers' signatures.

It added that in such a sensitive period the country going through, all are to be precise when making statements and the media has to be aware of the situation and not to publish a report without being sure of its authenticity.

The statement concluded that though it is a constitutional right for the public to know all facts without harming the efforts exerted toward reaching solutions that guarantee the country's stability and security. / End.