Sadrists cling to withdraw confidence and speaks of "Iranian pressure"
On: Wednesday 6/6/2012 8:33

Baghdad / range

revealed the Sadrists and the presence of pressure Iran on Iraqi forces to urge them to back down from their positions to withdraw confidence from the government, stressing his commitment to this option after obtaining the signatures of half the members of the House of Representatives. A spokesman for Sadr, Salah al-Obeidi in a telephone conversation with the "long "The high-level delegation representing his movement, had traveled to Iran on Monday" to discuss Tehran's position towards the current political crisis, and the pressure on Iraqi forces to abandon the option to withdraw confidence from the government. "

Announced the Liberal bloc representing the Sadrist movement and internalized within the National Alliance, the delivery of President Talabani signatures of deputies of forty to be added to the list of claimants to withdraw confidence, said al-Obeidi, who took part in the meetings held in Erbil and resort of Dukan as one of the representatives of the leaders of the Sadrist movement, "Iran continues to put pressure on Prime Minister al-Maliki to accept the points nine summarizes the demands of the participants in the meeting of Irbil consultation in the twenty-eighth of April, the implementation of reform measures achieve the principle of partnership in the management of the country, "but he also said," but it was too late. "
The declaration of claimants to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister to obtain the required number of signatures of MPs to ensure that voting of their choice within the House of Representatives rejected the Iraqi List MP for the use of electrodes Ahmed parties, the Iranian government side to change the positions of some power to back down from no-confidence.