Congress: Maliki seemed Aaúsawasbaahin Daaaly collectors signatures under arrest Bndaltzoar
On: Wednesday 6/6/2012 8:37

Baghdad / term
Senior members of parliamentary blocs, which requests the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister on Tuesday, said Nuri al-Maliki seemed "desperate talking speech hysterical" when asked in a statement the arrest "of forcing MPs to sign or forged signature," and stated that this is a "jumping on the constitution," which they said provides immunity for members of the House of Representatives who have been prominent and well known of them to collect signatures.

He expressed his deputies fear of "arrests and extortion" Tmarshma government against prominent political figures this "excuse" in the final moments of political crisis, stressing that the time will not be ministering Maliki to carry out his threats if something goes legal contexts as it should.
In the meantime, denied a representative for a coalition of state law to be prime minister's statement is a threat to his opponents,asserting that he had come "at the request of some MPs have been exposed to threats from a terrorist to get them to sign," stressing that "action reflects the state guarantees to protect its citizens from the threat."
In an interview with "long," said Amir Kanani, MP for the Liberal cluster and a member of the Legal Committee, that "the vocabulary of Maliki's statement was jumping clear of the Constitution and the law, on the grounds that any party security or judicial can not arrest or detain deputy without lifting his immunity."
said Kanani, "If a withdrawal order confidence will reveal spoilers, it's positive, "Mstdla pressure factor exerted by the people when they demonstrated in February 2011 and was the government's reaction was to assess the work of the ministries within 100 days."
In the meantime, he said on the Keywords, MP for the coalition of state law, for "long" that "the prime Ministers issued a statement after receiving complaints from deputies revealed their exposure to threats from a terrorist if you refrained from signing the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister. "
He added: "It Prime Minister's statement was accurate it would urge the concerned authorities to take appropriate action against those who threatened the deputy and have him sign or who forges a signature, "stressing that" the parliamentary immunity prevents arrest of members of the House of Representatives, but withdrawn after a request by the Judicial Council ".