Posted Yesterday, 04:04 PM

To all you great and wonderful Peoples Dinar Members,

I just got off the phone with Ray and one of his contacts just got back from Iraq from a fairly long visit. The information he shared with Ray is extremely positive and pretty much on track from what has been said in previous months.

Here is a current update by one of Ray's Iraqi contacts:


I just got off the phone with my main Iraqi contact. He just got back home from Iraq and had a little info to pass on to me. He said the political situation in Iraq is very confusing at the moment.

They are hearing the same conflicting stories that we are hearing. No one knows for sure who is at fault, they just want the government settled and completed so the needs of the people will start being taken care of. They want more than six hours a day of electricity, more food and other needs taken care of.

He was able to talk to several bank employees while he was there at various banks. He was told consistently by them that they are gearing up for a September 1 RV. Some said it may happen sooner but they are all saying no later than Sept. 1. Saleh was on TV many times telling the people that the dinar was going to be the strongest currency in the region and that the people would be very happy when the new dinar comes out.

He also told the people that all the market prices for goods in the country would be adjusted down to reflect the new value of the dinar. This is the first time I have heard this said openly by a public official.

Saleh also said again that the rate would be greater than the 1978 rate. It was $3.22 in 1978.

Hopefully this bit of news encourages everyone and know that they are preparing for a Sept 1 RV.