Iraqi lawmakers: Maliki took over files in the "body integrity" to be used in the liquidation of his opponents
Posted 05/06/2012 08:57 AM
BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"

Detect members of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the maximum of the integrity and rule it out, since the sacking of its former president, and monopolized the corrupt files for use by the time willing to punish political opponents.

He expressed his surprise deputies from the ambiguity of the work of the body that did not record her official activity for two months as data indicate its website, while its news and data and statistics before, filled the media.

MP Sabah al-Saadi
But a deputy of the State of Law spoke of "hearing" hosted during the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, the current Chairman of the Integrity Commission and denied which clearly the presence of any interference in his work by the head of the government.
The Federal Supreme Court issued a decision mid-January 2011, provides for linking the independent bodies, headed Minister direct violation of Article 100 of the Constitution, which states that "the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Electoral Commission for elections, and the Integrity Commission, independent bodies under the control of the House of Representatives, and the law regulating its work." Against the backdrop of that, the appointment of Judge Alaa al-Maliki Saadi Chairman of the Integrity Commission following the resignation of Rahim in September 2011 due to the pressure of political parties in order to cover up the embezzlement of funds.

In this context, he expressed Sabah al-Saadi, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, in remarks to the newspaper "long" day surprise at the "disappearance of the work of the Integrity Commission over the past 3 months past," believing that "government control over the independent body one of the main reasons why corruption cases disappear." . He added, Saadi said, "It is known that the independent body should be independent, but the government has tried to account for the particular bodies of integrity and financial control for being the most important among the independent bodies."
and "I criticized strongly the Federal Court decision in seconds independent bodies of the Cabinet as it gives legitimacy constantly to create a dictatorial regime through the bias in favor of the executive branch. "
He pointed out that "al-Maliki sought at this stage specifically to raise issues relating to corruption, especially those relating to ministries run by his opponents."
and criticized by the Parliamentary Integrity performance of the Integrity Commission "as it could not detect any file or investigate any issue related to financial and administrative corruption in recent times ", speaking about the" points close to the head of government is controlled by the files within the body. "
He said Saadi survival chairmanship of the Commission, however, Judge Alaa Saadi proxy "evidence of control of powerful actors," stressing that "the replaced will be replaced by the manner in which Judge Rahim when he wanted to uncover corruption cases did not live up to the owners exposed overthrew him with ease. "And the position of the Parliamentary Integrity about the work of the Commission present, says Saadi, "We are in the Parliamentary Integrity Committee always contact and follow up, but there is uncertainty about the answers to the Chairman, or disclosure of the outstanding issues," adding that "more than 20 cases of corruption has not been resolved, mostly related files huge amounts of financial corruption. "

For his part, Ahmed al-Alwani, a member of the other in the Integrity Committee for the Iraqi List, said that "al-Maliki has a lot of files to put pressure on his opponents Kqdata Hashemi and al-Dulaimi." Stressing that the prime minister "has the files related to corruption condemns opponents who intend to withdraw the confidence and this policy strange."
said Alwani, in a statement to the extent of yesterday, that "the political turmoil contributed greatly absence of the oversight role with respect to the work of the Integrity Commission to disclose the corrupt, and those who implement their plans, issues of financial corruption taking advantage of the large current events in the country. " He said the Iraqi List MP, that "the permanent and temporary committees tasked with the disclosure of corruption cases, all suspended, and is absent because of the political crisis, as well as recess and the absence of legislative and oversight role, especially of the Integrity Commission." But he asserts that his committee "determined to investigate all outstanding issues with the resumption of the House of Representatives."
For his part, confirms the Shaker Disher, a member of the Integrity Commission and the representative of the state of law, "there is a lot of files held by the prime minister could be used against officials," but criticizes what rumored for use by al-Maliki to blackmail his opponents.
says Disher, in an interview with "long", "These rumors are baseless, which was confirmed by head of the current Judge Alaa Saadi at a hearing of the Commission on Integrity in terms denied the intervention of the Prime Minister in any file or issue related to corruption. "
did not monitor the "long" any official activity of the Integrity Commission two months ago (last April) when announced to be able to arrest a person posing as an official high-where and has deceiving senior officers in the Interior Ministry after he managed to sneak into the services of the Ministry of Interior.
A statement published on the website of the Commission that "the Division of Special Operations, in coordination with the Office of Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior and under judicial orders arrested Thursday on a person impersonating an inspector general in the integrity defraud the government departments and the tours of inspection in police stations and the Ministry of Interior and see the names of those arrested."
The Iraq of the leading countries where corruption is frequently, but cases of arrest of the corrupt and hold them accountable, especially in large files, it remains very rare, while the deputies say that the policies of quotas and consensus is that coveted first place on the "fat cats".