Alliance is committed to silence the media Arbil and Iran the second leg of the chest after Barzani
On: Tuesday 05/06/2012 14:03

Baghdad - the citizen - a special
I learned (the citizen) from its own sources that the alliance of Arbil quartet decided to silence the media and not to respond to any statement issued by a coalition of state law until the completion of procedures for the withdrawal of confidence, which is imminent and just around the corner as described by sources and by convictions blocs allied and which lacks only the request of the President Republic and the call for the convening of a special meeting of the House of Representatives after it announced the blocks to send signatures to the Presidency of the Republic
Sources confirmed to the citizen also said the high-level delegation from the Kurdistan Democratic Party will travel to Iran after the end of his visit to Turkey to discuss the political situation in Iraq and the latest developments in Syria and the trip comes two days after the arrival of the leader of Sadr al-Sadr to Tehran Alsedmguetdy
As explained by other sources that the step-confidence motion came after the rebellion-Maliki on the agreements that preceded the agreement of Arbil and signed by that be prime minister for two years then submit his resignation to someone else, and that these agreements as Acharyt sources are international and regional coincided it with the Iraqi political parties during the crisis are government and Arbil Conference